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      Ray and Suzanne LeBlanc bought their home and 95 acres of old farm land in 1999.  After two years of part time cleaning and finishing the house and grounds, they moved in full time in 2001.  The plan was for retirement.  Having both come from farming backgrounds they began with a garden, a few chickens for eggs, and a pig.  In 2002 Suzanne and Ray decided to get involved in two local Farmers Markets.

Ray       They have successfully reclaimed about five acres of garden area and are still expanding.  Leased land in Enfield brings the total acreage cultivated to approximately eight.  They now participate in a total of five Farmers Markets in the area.

Suzanne       Autumn Harvest Farm is highly diversified, using the best of conventional and organic growing practices to bring you the highest quality, best tasting produce.  They use sustainable practices including IPM (integrated pest management), crop rotation, composting, and release of beneficial insects in their greenhouses.  Not only does sustainable agriculture address many environmental and social concerns, but it offers innovative and economically viable opportunities for growers, laborers, consumers, policymakers and many others in the entire food system.

Poem       The main crops at Autumn Harvest are vegetables, including a large assortment from arugula to zucchini.  They are expanding their fruit varieties and have started with strawberries, cranberries, elderberries and beach plums.  Autumn Harvest raises free range laying hens for eggs and has also started their own flock of Katahdin Sheep, a meat breed developed in Maine.  The first lamb meat is expected around Jan 2014.

      Autumn Harvest Farm prepares our high quality products in our own commercial kitchen right on the farm.  The benefits of having a commercial kitchen on premises are many, but first and foremost, it allows us to capture and process the produce at the freshest moment.  This gives us the highest quality product possible.  We follow the strict guidelines and standards of the State of New Hampshire.

      We use as much of our own produce as possible.  When necessary, Autumn Harvest sources as much local food as possible.  We believe that local is fresh and healthier for you and your family.  We sincerely hope you enjoy your purchase from Autumn Harvest.  The last ingredient in every one of our recipes is TLC!


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New Hampshire Farm Bureau
Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Hampshire (NOFA)
New England Vegetable and Berry Growers Association
Upper Valley Localvores


Autumn Harvest Farm

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